VFD Intermediate Level Training-Demonstrations of Common Functions


    Master/Follower Systems

    Multi-Speed Operation


    Inverted Signal Operation

    Analog Signal Inputs as Control Signals

    Analog Signal Outputs Proportional to Drive Operations

    Gaining the Analog Input & Output Signal

    Biasing the Analog Input  & Output Signal

    Frequency Reference Loss Detection

    Analog Input Filter Time

Programmable Digital Inputs and Outputs

Use switches & simple programming to demonstrate common functions performed by drives in many applications.

    Multiple Accel/Decel Ramps

    Preset Speeds

    Accel/Decel Hold

    Dwell during Ramp or Speed Change

    Timed Output Contact Function

    Motor Operated Potentiometer (MOP)

    Speed Coincidence Contact Function

    Forward/Reverse with different Ramp Rates

    Fast Stop

Parameter Lists, Menus, Groups

 & Configuration Files

How menu's are typically arranged

Storing parameters in memory

Menus as part of Programming Groups

Addressing Parameters from the Keypad

Using Drive Configuration Software to Create and Store Data


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