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Basic Troubleshooting of AC Induction & DC Motors



1.  Introduction


2.  DC Motors

DC Motor Construction, Design and Terminology

Basic Winding Diagrams, Connections

Evaluation of: Brushes, Brush Rigging, Leads, Cooling System, Windings, Commutator, and obvious mechanical checks.

Motor Maintenance: Commutator, Brushes, Brush Rigging, Cooling System, Bearings

Basic Common DC Applications

Common Failure Modes and Troubleshooting


3.  AC Motors

General Construction and Identification of Components

Parts and Components overview

Motor Enclosures ((TEFC, ODP, etc)

NEMA Designations for Frames

Mount considerations

Cooling Methods

Electrical Diagnostics

Voltage Measurements

Current Measurements

Polarization Index (megohmeter)

Winding analysis (advanced diagnostic tool)

Winding Failure Analysis

Mechanical Diagnostics

Vibration Analysis

Oil analysis

Routine checks

Routine Maintenance Procedures

Lubrication-Manufacturers recommendations



4.      Additional Visual Checks


5.  Questions and Answers


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