If you have not already seen the explanation of
a typical Pump Performance Curve (H-Q Curve),
you should read that brief explanation
first. It will give you the basics on how to
read the H-Q curve and how flow and pressure are
related in pump applications. There are
important engineering considerations in
calculating pipe and pipe fitting friction
loss. One crucial consideration is the size of
the pump motor. Piping changes during outages,
retrofits or upgrades are inevitable. Friction
losses in pipe and pipe fittings effect motor
horsepower ratings in pump designs. Know how
these changes will affect existing pump motors
by focusing on three key criteria for
estimating friction losses in pipe and pipe
fittings: pipe and pipe fitting materials -
commonly plastic, copper, steel and rubber;
pipe and pipe fitting diameter; flow rates -
generally in gallons per minute
(GPM). Generally, increasing or decreasing
friction losses in pipe and pipe fittings will
affect the pump motor required horsepower
rating at the pump's operating point on the H-Q

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