The capacitor start-capacitor run motor has a
starting capacitor in the start
circuit, and a run capacitor that is
continuously connected in the run
winding circuit. This motor is in wide use in
industrial, commercial, agricultural
applications due to its high starting torque
and high overload torque. The
starting torque is produced by a starting
winding design that includes a
capacitor for boosting torque. The running
torque is boosted by the run capacitor.
The starting switch will disconnect the
start winding and capacitor, once the motor
reaches about 75% speed. There are some
drawbacks to the motor design. The switch, and
capacitor add cost to the motor, and can
be a reliability problem. Capacitor
start-capacitor run motors are found on
woodworking machinery, high pressure
water pumps, air compressors, vacuum pumps and
other high torque applications.

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